3D motion design, Bristol UK.

I'm Jamie, 3D motion designer located in Bristol UK.


3D Motion Design


An interstellar 3D animation for a pioneering satellite adventure.

3D Motion Design

Teacher Training

A set of fun and instructive motion graphics for Sir George Monoux College in London.

3D Motion Design

Horror Escape - Cabin Fever

Horror Escape specialises in tense and atmospheric horror themed escape rooms in London - Cabin Fever will shake the foundations of your once brave group comrades.

2D Motion Design

Penguin Books

I was commissioned by Penguin to animate the book cover for The Confessions of Frannie Langton, a novel by Sara Collins that is set to release soon. The animation is to accompany a social marketing push in order to enhance the book release.

3D Stills

Papua New Guinnea Map Slices

I was commissioned to recreate and improve an existing style of map designs, their function is to relay existing or potential future builds on certain areas in Papua New Guinea. The pipeline and workflow is efficient and fast, we spent some time setting up the template 3D file from which we can now convert .qgis and .shp to Illustrator and in turn Cinema 4D layers, allowing the fast iterative builds of future projects. The success of this project comes from the speed it took to refine the workflow and resupply a visually appealing render. This was helped by Matthews optimised briefing proecess which allowed for a fast and professional project.

2D Motion Design

Culture Lust - 2D Budget Graphics

A series of 2D motion graphics, featuring a beautiful colour palette and the use of dynamic infographics. The graphics work progressively, building ontop of the last graphic and the state of which we left the visual data. This technique gives the viewer a sense of time and a solid awareness of the money left as well as past expenses.

3D Motion Design

Culture Lust - 3D Maps

Working on graphics TV show Culture Lust has allowed for some interesting concepts such as bobble-head characters and the use of contextual environments to be explored. The concept is nailed down to an extruded topographic 3D map in most cases or a globe depending on the scale. The development of 3D map designs for an American travel show has been super fun to explore due to the creative freedom and my client's willingness to discover cool ways of portraying details such as characters and environment. My client required a total of 4 maps. The first map shows the distance and route Eugene Morgan and Hamza took to get to Marrakech, and was the only map that required the spherical globe. Map 2 features a crash zoom in to the Old Medina in Marrakech to illustrate how close the rented acommodation was to the Souk and centre of the city. The third map informs the viewer of the only region of Morocco and indeed the world that Argan trees grow, as we push towards Essouira and see the trees grow upwards from the ground. In the final map of the episode we join the trio as they hire a car and venture across the country from Marrakech to Essaouira to see the trees and the goats that reside in and around them.

Logo Design & Branding

Downtown Aircargo Logistic

My client requested a new brand for his logistics company and commissioned me to develop his existing brand into a more concise and professional design. We decided on a two-colour scheme and a simple yet effective logo. Along with consistent type design, we were able to articulate the brand and products to a very high level.

2D Motion Design

IDB - Drone Shots

Combining drone shots with motion graphics is always cool. What makes them cooler? Designing them for the purpose of demonstrating environmental convservation! My client asked for me to fix and level-up his drone shots to inform existing clients on the reasons for IDB's interest in conservation.

3D Motion Design

IDB - Intro Sequence

Inter-American Development Bank commissioned me to develop a 3D typographic intro sequence as well as embellishing a series of their drone shots with motion tracked graphic elements. The intro sequence was rendered with Cinema 4D's Physical Renderer and was built with an aim to reflect the concise and clean company brand qualities.

3D Stills

Fierce Nature

This project focused on combining classical sculptures with modern rendering technology to create a mix of historical symbolism with beautiful physically based lighting and materials. This is the first of two renders, showing the power of dramatic lighting with a scratched and accurate golden texture. Following this theme, I have developed a sculpture with similar subject matter and rendered using the same technique. These designs were rendered using Cinema 4D's Corona renderer, a CPU based real time render engine that allows for incredible results in lightning speed. Here the material is bronze, and equally as rough as the previous design to show signs of age.

3D Stills

Neon Poland

I was commissioned to create a set of 5 posters that showed the infrastructure of roads and buildings in certain Polish cities. Above are a few examples of the designs, showing the neon orange and pink roads with the polished graphite or concrete buildings. It was imperative to have fairly detailed models for specific buildings of importance, and adding these landmarks both help elevate the quality of design and give the viewer a sense of location.

3D Motion Design

Night Talk

Have you heard of Synthwave? It’s pretty crazy. My first exposure to it was through the FarCry mod Blood Dragon, a retro futuristic first person shooter where you take down laser wielding dragons with an assortment of insane weaponry and ridiculous phrases such as “I'm no hero Doc; I'm just your regular US Army Mark 4 Cyber Commando.” Slaying laser dragons is prety fun, but the sound track to this game was even more killer than our protagonist. I found that the synthwave music genre had a pretty impressive roster and, in my sonic adventure, found the artist Phaserland. My mission was to interpret and visualise the atmosphere and environment that synthwave artist Phaserland's 'Night Talk' conveys to me through the lyrics and 80's samples.