Neon Poland
I was commissioned to create a set of 5 posters that showed the infrastructure of roads and buildings in certain Polish cities. Above are a few examples of the designs, showing the neon orange and pink roads with the polished graphite or concrete buildings. It was imperative to have fairly detailed models for specific buildings of importance, and adding these landmarks both help elevate the quality of design and give the viewer a sense of location. Using the plug-in DEM Earth I was able to download OSM data such as building splines, building height data, roads, highways etc to rebuild 5 cities in Poland, Krakow; Gdansk; Wroclaw; Warsaw and Poznan. Some areas of the build turned out to be fairly complicated and needed either rebuilding or fixing before rendering in Cinema 4D. For example, some buildings would import with missing faces, there would be broken splines or random solitary points.In each poster, there are key buildings that required special attention, either to be hand build or purchased and imported. Adding this extra level of detail on focus points in each city really fine-tuned the designs.The predicted time this project would take was far exceeded due to the time it would take to import OSM data via the plugin. Unfortunately once the decision has been made to import data Cinema 4D is completely unresponsive, the amount of data in the cities in combination with a slow internet speed effectively doubled the project length.