Jviation is a planning, design and construction administration firm that focuses solely on aviation-related projects. This animation visualises the diverse and exciting areas that Jviation thrive in. Animated and rendered with Redshift in Cinema 4D.
Concept artwork for the Jviation book. The title is embossed with gold lettering and the the cover is a dark blue leather as opposed to the final glossy orange design. The basic set design, with an infinite plane as the surface, advanced to a aeronautical themed studio.
The initial colour approach for the animation was much cooler than the ultimate palette seen in the animation. The idea was that the fresh shades would compliment the logo design, however the logo and branding also evolved during this project and the colours needed to adapt.
Originally the scenes were stripped down and spacious, aiming to give the animated objects the president. The decision to embellish the scenes with more objects resulted in an animation that felt more alive and much less reliant on individual objects and camera moves.
The book was built with Xpresso and build deformers, allowing for a dynamic and easily controllable system. I constructed the materials with Redshift, allowing for some rudamentary paper shaders built to automatically shade on a per-object basis.
"Jamie is outstanding. One of the best freelancers I've had work for me. If you have the opportunity to work with Jamie, don't hesitate just do it. He doesn't stop until it's right. His work is fantastic, he's a pleasure to work with and I couldn't have been happier with him or his work." - Jay Sunny, The Narrator Group
Here's an initial concept animation for the Jviation animation.
Pre-Vis for the total animation for sign off before sending the final animation to render at full quality.
A few draft render styles layered over each other and rendered purely for aesthetic vibes.