Twinkle is a 7 year space mission, dedicated to understanding the worlds in our galaxy. Designed for Blue Skies Space Ltd, this 3D motion graphic provides an insight into the exciting interstellar exploration of Twinkle.
Twinkle sits at 450 miles above earth and tracks along a sun-synchronous orbit, completely optimising the power of the sun.
Atmospheric characteristics of distant planets are made clear by the two spectrometers wielded by Twinkle. The unique spectral fingerprints of the planets can be identified with an incredibly low error threshold which makes this a fundemental research tool for exoplanet discovery.
Spectroscopy graphs can identify present elements in a planetary atmosphere by measuring the light from its central star. This measurement can be taken before and after the planet passes in front or behind the star, providing accurate and identifiable readings.
The second Twinkle spectrometer will capture IR light with longer wavelengths, between 1 and 5 μm. The idea is that the two spectrometers will share one telescope by splitting a single beam of incoming light with a glass plate. - https://cen.acs.org/articles/93/i11/UKs-Twinkle-Mission-Set-Explore.html
Twinkle Pre-Vis video for the all important client sign-off prior to the final render.
Here's a demo of the spectroscopy scene with the final graph. I'm pretty happy with how the planets look after a stacking a few noise materials and shooting out a quick hardware render.
The Field of Regard scene was an important scene to get right due to the science facing audience of the video, this couldn't be conceptual and needed to be somewhat accurate to the abilities of Twinkle.