Culture Lust
A series of 2D motion graphics featuring a vibrant colour palette and dynamic infographics. The graphics work progressively, building ontop of the last graphic and the state of which we left the visual data. This technique gives the viewer a sense of time and a solid awareness of the money left as well as past expenses.
3D Map, Flights to Marrakech. The Culture Lust hosts are flying in from around the world and all on different flights. Eugene and Morgan take long-distance flights from Dallas in America whilst Hamza is catching a plane over from Zurich in Switzerland.
"Contrary to my expectations, I was having a difficult time finding someone that could render out some quality and unique maps. I figured a nice project like this would make it easy, since there would be people that specialize in them. I spent months and months looking for someone that could produce something that wasn't the standard pan and zoom. I was blown away at how difficult it was. Then, I ran into Jamie. I only saw stills of some of his work, but spoke with him extensively about the project through messaging. I saw some of the clips from which the stills were pulled, and I saw some potential. There are plenty of 3D "artists" that don't really provide an artistic contribution. They ask you "what exactly do you want" and then execute. This is frustrating, because when I start a commission, I'm not exactly sure what I want. The portion between the scope/goals of the project and the final delivery is the most valuable part. As an expert, you help convert the goals to a scope, and then execute by putting in your creative flair. That's exactly what Jamie did. Jamie is really talented. Not "yeah, he's pretty good" talented. He's incredible. By the time we "dialed in" on the look and feel, man - the output was phenomenal. Unlike some other resources I've utilized, he was the one pushing me to complete on time and ensuring the project kept moving forward. The renders weren't just After Effects plugins and a bit of motion graphics - he actually rendered the maps in 3d from scratch. The man is a magician. It's a breath of fresh air to work with someone who is diligent, resourceful and this talented. I genuinely can't recommend Jamie enough and he'll be my first choice in the future. What he delivered exceeded my expectations. No, he's not the inexpensive resource, but he is worth every penny. Admittedly, I often write reviews as a matter of obligation and they come out a bit rote. However, in this case, I could not be happier endorsing Jamie. If you're reading this and Jamie is in contention: please, don't waste anymore time and push the hire button!" - Eugene Cook, Director of Culture Lust
Culture Lust, Day 2 Budget. How much will be left in the budget after taking transportation into account?
3D Map, Journey from Marrakech to Essaouira. 150 miles away from the capital city of Morroco is Essaouira, a coastal city and one of the few homes to the tree goats. This map visualises the long distance traveled by the trio in their mission to discover the goats.
Culture Lust, Day 5 Budget. How's the wallet looking after five days in Morocco?
3D Map, Where are the Argan Trees? Argan trees are the source of all argan nuts, the primary food source for the tree goats. These trees only grow on the most western coast of Morocco.