Paper airplanes make their way to the South West Wyoming Regional Airport. The number gradually increases from our singular hero plane to a plethora of networks that connect SWRA with the rest of America. The shots were motion tracked in C4D and X-Particles was used for the multi-plane networks.
Redgiant's Complete Suite came in super handy for adding and adjusting reflections and shadows in post. Having the control to fine-tune the shadow angle and density later allowed me to focus on the animated characteristics of the plane first.
The translucency of the plane material was made possible with the translucency feature in Redshift in conjunction with the custom HDRI's captured during shooting. This was then boosted in post by using the plane alpha and the footage backplate, typically on overlay at 10%.
The Spline & Align to Spline tag combination was utilised for the single shot planes, and an additional spline used for the banking effect that's so important for a realistic plane flight.
X-Particles made creating the multi-plane streams a straightforward procedure, giving me the ability to add flocking which isn't yet integral to Thinking Particles.