Aries Fire
A 20 second looped animation features three scenes based on a set of themes from my client. The simple linear move makes for a simple loop and draws focus to the animated elements within the scene.
A 1 minute looping VJ video created for DJ Aries Fire's live shows. Thematically focused on Zodiac symbols, Shrines and The Illuminati.
The Shrine. "Pentagram" was the first keyword I received for the first scene, the iconography of the pentagram here in forest invokes an unsettling Blair Witch theme.
The Ram's Skull. A huge, glowing and smoking skull internally lit with luminant smoke volumes. The ram's skull also inherently brings dark connotations.
Illuminati. The Illuminati is represented by the Eye of Providence, a symbol that also has religious roots.
"Jamie was an absolute pleasure to work with and a truly talented animator. He is friendly and very easy to get along with, self-driven, professional, prompt, and communicative. The quality of work I've received from Jamie is unmatched. I look forward to working on with him in the future and would highly recommend him to others looking for high-quality, professional-grade animation and service." - Yahya Hafez, DJ & Music Creator