Sep 17, 2019

Papua New Guinea Map Slices

was commissioned to recreate and improve an existing style of map designs, their function is to relay existing or potential future builds on certain areas in Papua New Guinea. The pipeline and workflow is efficient and fast, we spent some time setting up the template 3D file from which we can now convert .qgis and .shp to Illustrator and in turn Cinema 4D layers, allowing the fast iterative builds of future projects. The success of this project comes from the speed it took to refine the workflow and resupply a visually appealing render. This was helped by Matthews optimised briefing proecess which allowed for a fast and professional project. It was immediately apparent that this would be a task for Corona, fast and beautiful with little room for any strange anomalies that Corona can produce during animation or other less predictable projects. Thanks once more to Corona’s rendering speeds and fast in-viewer feedback this project was completed well within the deadline.

3D Stills