Aug 9, 2019

Night Talk

Have you heard of Synthwave? It’s pretty crazy. My first exposure to it was through the FarCry mod Blood Dragon, a retro futuristic first person shooter where you take down laser wielding dragons with an assortment of insane weaponry and ridiculous phrases such as “I'm no hero Doc; I'm just your regular US Army Mark 4 Cyber Commando.” Slaying laser dragons is prety fun, but the sound track to this game was even more killer than our protagonist. I found that the synthwave music genre had a pretty impressive roster and, in my sonic adventure, found the artist Phaserland. My mission was to interpret and visualise the atmosphere and environment that synthwave artist Phaserland's 'Night Talk' conveys to me through the lyrics and 80's samples.

Inspired by Stranger Things my aim was to animate a short sequence focusing on emphasising the beautiful structure of the typography with gentle camera moves. A build-up of shots slowly reveal the words Night Talk with its glowing interior and metal edges. The sound effects are a combination of 90’s inspired street noises in conjunction with a re-cut version of the track -

3D Motion Design