Aug 9, 2019


Inter-American Development Bank commissioned me to develop a 3D typographic intro sequence as well as embellishing a series of their drone shots with motion tracked graphic elements. The intro sequence was rendered with Cinema 4D's Physical Renderer and was built with an aim to reflect the concise and clean company brand qualities.

A simple and elegant logo reveal was required by IDB to introduce their videos on social media. The idea was to reflect the brand identity of IDB as a well-grounded, strong, reliable and honest banking company so I redesigned their logo to be extruded in Cinema 4D with silver edges and blue faces.The sound design was a crucial addition to this project and does a great job at tying the animation together. Last minute decisions on the audio track resulted in an extra day or two reconfiguring the animation. Shots were repaired in After Effects using the native warp stabiliser and shake reduction tools, pixel motion blur and sharpening.

3D Motion Design