Aug 9, 2019

Culture Lust

A series of 2D motion graphics featuring a vibrant colour palette and dynamic infographics. The graphics work progressively, building ontop of the last graphic and the state of which we left the visual data. This technique gives the viewer a sense of time and a solid awareness of the money left as well as past expenses.

After delivering the 3D Maps for the first episode of Culture Lust my client requested further 2D animations that would detail the remaining budget of the main traveller in the show. The requirements for these graphics would be to show firstly the entire budget and then deduct from this sum as we go through the graphics. The content of these graphics would depend entirely on the VO and no confusing additional details would be added, resulting in a set of clearly communicating data-driven graphics.As the project progressed the workflow was optimised, keyframe rules were set and everything became almost automated, using percentages to accurately portray the impact of an expense against the remaining budget.An incredibly useful set of tools for this job would be the Mister Horse After Effects plug-ins. The Keyframe Wingman allows fast and visual adjustments to individual or batch keyframes, and the Animation Composer is just incredible for intro and outro animations for text and transitions. I would highly recommend this FREE plugin and it now resides in my permanent layout configuration.

2D Motion Design