3D motion design, Bristol UK.

Fierce Nature

3D Stills
February 26, 2018

This project focused on combining classical sculptures with modern rendering technology to create a mix of historical symbolism with beautiful physically based lighting and materials. This is the first of two renders, showing the power of dramatic lighting with a scratched and accurate golden texture. Following this theme, I have developed a sculpture with similar subject matter and rendered using the same technique. These designs were rendered using Cinema 4D's Corona renderer, a CPU based real time render engine that allows for incredible results in lightning speed. Here the material is bronze, and equally as rough as the previous design to show signs of age.

There’s an awesome repository Sketchfab which allows users to download certain 3D scans. This project was an investigation into Corona, realistic metallic materials with the fresnel value, determined by its index of refraction. This was inspired by the Brograph tutorial on how to achieve this realistic metal look.


Where usually a large impact on project duration comes from the render time, Corona actually allowed me to get a super realistic and high quality result in a fraction of the time that the Standard Renderer would allow. Additionally, the live feedback viewer did an amazing job of giving me instant results for each small tweak I applied, even with changing the lighting.

Designed in

Cinema 4D

Rendered with


Project Length

1 Day


3D, Nature, Stills