3D motion design, Bristol UK.

Downtown Aircargo Logistic

Logo Design & Branding
April 22, 2018

My client requested a new brand for his logistics company and commissioned me to develop his existing brand into a more concise and professional design. We decided on a two-colour scheme and a simple yet effective logo. Along with consistent type design, we were able to articulate the brand and products to a very high level.

My client was very much aware of his previous design being rushed and potentially so bad that it was counter-intuitive to his business. He tasked me to deliver to him a simple yet elegant design idea that incorporated the concept of national transport logistics.

Where does all the time go? My client was after a set of designs within one day. The target time was met effectively and the project was a winner.

Designed in

Illustrator & InDesign

Project Length

1 Day


Logo Design, Branding