3D motion design, Bristol UK.

Culture Lust - 3D Maps

3D Motion Design
October 1, 2018

Working on graphics TV show Culture Lust has allowed for some interesting concepts such as bobble-head characters and the use of contextual environments to be explored. The concept is nailed down to an extruded topographic 3D map in most cases or a globe depending on the scale. The development of 3D map designs for an American travel show has been super fun to explore due to the creative freedom and my client's willingness to discover cool ways of portraying details such as characters and environment. My client required a total of 4 maps. The first map shows the distance and route Eugene Morgan and Hamza took to get to Marrakech, and was the only map that required the spherical globe. Map 2 features a crash zoom in to the Old Medina in Marrakech to illustrate how close the rented acommodation was to the Souk and centre of the city. The third map informs the viewer of the only region of Morocco and indeed the world that Argan trees grow, as we push towards Essouira and see the trees grow upwards from the ground. In the final map of the episode we join the trio as they hire a car and venture across the country from Marrakech to Essaouira to see the trees and the goats that reside in and around them.

For this project, I worked with the native Cinema 4D Standard and Physical Renderers for the development, as well as playing around with Corona Renderer too, but unfortunately because DEM Earth imports and creates materials automatically it was not feasible to work with Corona on this project.

This was my second big project using Google Zync which helped enormously due to my, at the time, sub-par computer. The render times were gigantic a single PC local render, and any mistakes or changes would have been detrimental to the estimated delivery date, which is where splitting out the renders to multiple high powered machines really allowed for some much needed render-time leeway.

Once more I couldn’t have completed this project without the use of DEM Earth, however, it still has drawbacks when it comes to downloading speed although this has been significantly improved since the past Neon Poland project. Some other issues would be high-res zones. If for example we are starting wide on Marrakech and the textures are downloaded for this framing, once tight on the city the texture is now pixelated and low-res. Finding a way around this was the most painstaking part of the project but after some wise words of wisdom from the developer, the technique was refined.

Designed in

Cinema 4D

Rendered with

Physical Renderer

Project Length

2 Months


3D, Maps, Broadcast