Created for Sir George Monoux College in London, this is the first of a mini series of teacher training videos that aim to facilitate proper teaching techniques to benefit the students and staff. How can the teacher nurture confidence and reward bravery if a student decides they want to opt-out of a question?Built with Cinema 4D and rendered with the Standard Renderer.
How can the teacher nurture confidence and reward bravery if a student decides they want to opt-out of a question?
The videos were rendered with Cinema 4D's Standard Renderer. The depth pass, along with several other multipasses, was rendered in order to achieve a depth of field post-effect but without the additional render time required to do so straight from Cinema 4D. Using Frischluft DOF in After Effects also give me the freedom to change the focus area on demand.
Motext and Effector techniques were used to introduce and animate the 3D text to the scenes, and distancing the camera allowed for the occasional transition over to the "Four Methods" plate without interrupting the composition of the room.
The characters were designed and developed to have diverse characteristics, interchangeable outfits and expressions and to be easy to animate. The rigging was primarily directed by EyeDesyn's IKR Spline Rigging tutorial, a super simple and time effective way of tackling non-complex character animations in Cinema 4D - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FZun6_bZjA
Some of the graphics were entirely designed in After Effects, such as the main 2D text scenes. Inter-cutting this style with the 3D rendering scenes works well thanks to the consistent colour theme and quirky animation.
"Jamie has been wonderful to work with. He has worked on our first project which carried a lot of pressure as it would be the first of many. He did a great job understanding the concept, the context and our vision. The voice over was also great and added that extra bit of professionalism. Very good value for money as well. Would definitely recommend him." - Ali Khan, Sir George Monoux College
How should a teacher manage the space of their classroom, using this space to control the students and maintain order?
Is there any way that a teacher can boost class productivity whilst staying in control?
Is there a correct way to approach a student that might need pointing in the right direction?
There are times when the teacher will need to be assertive, but, keeping in mind the lessons learned from the previous training videos, is there a correct way to approach this?